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Dreamhack Atlanta Regional Qualifier

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    Purchasing this item secures your place in our Dreamhack Atlanta Regional qualifier.  While you are permitted to place an order with the "pay in store" shipping option, unpaid registrations are cancelled at the end of each day. We strongly suggest paying at the time you place your order.

    Only one entry per person/Wizards account is allowed. You must have an active Wizards Account to play in this event, as well as the Magic Companion app pre-downloaded in your respective mobile device to use during the tournament.

    In order to ensure that the tournament starts in a timely manner, please make sure you have the following completed BEFORE arrival at Super Games on Sunday August 7, 2022:

    1. You have an active Wizards Account. If you play MTG Arena, your login is the same for your Wizards Account.
    2. You have the Magic Companion App downloaded and installed on your mobile device (phone/tablet). This is a free App avaialble for download in your respective App Store (Apple App Store/Google Play Store) that is required for all tournaments going forward. DCI numbers are no longer accepted nor used for Sanctioned events.
    3. Your mobile device (phone/tablet) (with the Magic Companion App installed on it) is fully charged before arriving to Super Games for the event, and you bring this device with you to Super Games for the event.
    4. You have a Pioneer-legal Magic deck to play in the tournament. Please review all banned and restricted cards for Pioneer before finalizing your deck and sideboard. REMEMBER TO BRING THIS DECK WITH YOU TO THE TOURNAMENT
    5. You have placed an order with this item via the Super Games website and paid for your entry (either directly through the site or in-store). Entries are capped to a maximum of 64, thus any unpaid order will be voided daily through the day of the Tournament.
    6. You have a completed Decklist with your finalized deck you will play in the tournament. Please download your Decklist here, print it, and complete it (as legibly as possible). REMEMBER TO BRING THIS DOCUMENT WITH YOU TO THE TOURNAMENT. Note that you cannot change the cards in your deck or sideboard unless they are listed on this document.
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  • Open Saturday-Thursday: Noon - 10 PM Open Fridays: Noon - 12 Midnight Last Call Selling Cards to Super Games: 9 PM (1 hr before close) Last Call Picking Up Singles Orders: 9:30 PM (30 mins before close)
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